Full Body Slim

Give it up for Monday and this brilliant new workout, Full Body Slim that is going to burn those muscles from head to toe and leave you feeling like your results are just around the corner.

With the program, you will be able to improve on your strength, cardio, flexibility and endurance making you an all around fit and healthy athlete. I believe that everyone who has a body is an athlete and you should treat yourself as one. All athletes look after their body with the best nutrition and that’s exactly what we offer with our nutrition program. Not only do you get the tastiest smoothies delivered to your door, you get a one-on-one coaching experience to make sure that you get the results you want.
We have the most amazing community of people that are part of our program and have a trip next year to Big Bear, California. If this is something that you are interested in being a part of, jump on board by booking a nutrition appointment with me and we can get you started!

Enjoy the workout, you can scream at me during it and love me after! If you feel you want to push yourself and do a full 30-minutes today, pick another two workouts from the library or just go through this one two more times! Let me know how you like this workout my commenting on this blog!