First Steps Arms

To continue with our series on getting to grips with exercise and for going over our form we have a new workout. First Steps Arms is going to get those biceps pumping and those bingo wings tingling! When starting out with exercise it is important to get your form right because this will give you the best results and avoid injury.

My 10 minute workouts make it super easy for anyone to try and get through. I am using 5lbs in this workout to demonstrate. You want to use a weight that on the last 2-3 reps you are finding it challenging. My biggest tip is to increase your weights when you are finding it tough so that you continue to progress! Get started on today's workout an #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca after!

Are you ready to keep on going, burn more calories and get to the next level? Try the rest of today's workout on the calendar and get 7 days for free! You will see results with a good nutrition plan and it will keep you on track to live a healthy lifestyle forever!