Feeling More Energized


Are you tired of being tired? I know the feeling! It seems that we just become resigned to the fact that we'll always be rushing around to do things and pushing through the day turns into a way of life. Yet I firmly believe that our lives are supposed to be more meaningful than feeling sluggish all the time! It doesn't take much to see huge improvements in your energy levels. Once I adopted these habits, I felt boundless energy!

Get Moving!

Of course I'm going to tell you to get up and exercise! Any kind of movement will have you increasing your heart rate and expending energy. This will actually help your energy levels! When we sit around all day we tend to feel even more tired! Did you know that regular exercise can improve your sleep, boost your metabolism, and help you be more productive at work or school? 

Drop the Energy Drinks

And grab one of my shakes! I'm always talking about good nutrition, and if you're wondering how I manage to keep my energy levels up while I'm doing all of this running around, it's because of my Nutrition Plan. I've been using my plan for the past 4 years, and there is no turning back! I used to down a Red Bull before my sports games or workouts, but all I was doing was pumping my body with sugar and empty calories, only to crash a bit later! My shakes are packed with protein, which keeps you fuller for longer, and the shakes contain loads of vitamins to treat your body at a cellular level, increasing energy AND results.

Get Some Sleep

Most researchers say that 7 hours is the magic number for most people, but your sleeping needs may vary. You might need more or less than 7 hours of sleep, but one thing is for sure: pulling all nighters or staying up late is not good for your energy. An irregular sleep schedule throws your body out of whack and it can be hard to recover from that during the day. 

Go Outside

Ever notice that during the dark winter months we usually feel less energized? It's not a coincidence. Less sunlight affects our mood and energy, making us feel more sleepy and sad. Whenever you have the opportunity, get outside. Even if it's just for 15 minutes, you will instantly feel the effects of getting out in the sun. Just remember to protect your skin with sunscreen! 


Your plummeting energy levels might be making you hangry. Trust me, I've seen Cory hangry enough times to know that it's wise to always have healthy snacks on hand! I eat every 3 hours to keep my metabolism and energy high. That way, I'm never feeling like I'm starving and I don't get that nasty afternoon fatigue. You guessed it - my Nutrition Plan also includes snacks that are high in protein and other nutrients to help you combat the 3pm slump.

Go See a Friend

A family member, your best friend, you pet...it doesn't matter! When we're alone we tend to feel less energized. Being social helps us to get a fresh perspective on things, and often times getting together with loved ones has us laughing and sharing memories. Laughter is good for the body, mind, and soul, and this includes your energy levels. So go ahead, have a good laugh!

What did you think of these tips? Tell me which one you're going to try out right now! I know that incorporating these habits into my daily life has changed my entire well-being for the better, and you'll feel amazing once you give these tips a go!