Chest & Back

You have been asking for a new chest & back workout... Your wish is my command! A great 30-minute workout that will wake up your back muscles and strengthen your chest. Don't forget to comment on the video on what you think and what else you would like to see from the calendar!

I am using 5 lbs weights in the workout and I will take this up to 8-10lbs when i am training on my heavy days. You want to chose a weight that by the end of the set it's challenging to complete. you can always add more weight as you progress. start with getting your form right first!

Not sure what workout to do after this one? No problem! I have created a fitness calendar that is super easy to follow and will keep you on track. Unlock the other two workouts for today!

Just three 10 minute workout videos each day will to get your metabolism going keep you in shape along with a balanced diet. On the fitness calendar today we have two more ab videos that will compliment todays new workout perfectly. Check out my workout calendar that will guide you through the workouts to do each day. Get started now to finish off your Monday workout!