Cardio Fat Burn

Get fired up to burn fat with this 10-minute cardio workout. Have your water bottle right next to you to keep you hydrated! Be prepared to sweat and burn lots of calories throughout this workout. Get your heart rate raised high and feel the fat just melting off! 

Make sure you take some deep breaths after you complete the workout, you stand up tall and keep walking around. If you become light headed you do not want to bend over or sit down. Keep inhaling and exhaling, drinking more water and most importantly what you eat after will determine your results!

80% of what you look and feel like is all down to the food you put into your body. I had this around the wrong way when I was trying to get results. When I started my nutrition plan I was able to drop 6% body fat in 6 weeks and maintain that for 3 years! I love how it makes me feel, I have more energy, my hair grows quicker and my skin is so much clearer!

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