Bingo Wings, Chest and Back Workout

Today's workout is something you have all been asking for and of course I want to help you get the results you are looking for! In this upper body workout we will be working on your triceps, or what I like to call the bingo wings! They are the parts on the other side of the bicep that can get a bit flabby without exercise. So we are going to blast the tricep muscles and by adding weights we will get more resistance and a better result. In this workout I am using 5lbs but I will go up to 8-10lbs for my heavy day. 


Once we have got the burn in the upper arms we will move onto building the back muscles. Having a strong back is important for our posture and by doing the exercises with the correct form you will see faster results. It is better for your body and results to do the exercise with control rather than trying to do as many reps as possible!

Working on your chest is going to strengthen your pectoral muscles. Many of you ask how you can get your breasts bigger and although you can increase the muscle underneath you will not be able to grow the overall breast. I recommend staying away from any herbal medicine that say they increase your size too. Learn to love your body and if you are self conscious you can get some great gel bras that will give you more size. Just remember it is better to love how you look because when you take the gel bra off the size won't be there anymore! 

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