Alphie's Tip: The Best Time To Workout

Rebecca's days are always quiet varied which means she doesn't always workout at the same time. She likes to start the day with yoga which allows you to waken your body gently, have a good stretch and feel ready for the day with a calm mindset. To be honest I think she followed me on this one as I like to get in a couple of downward dogs before I make my way to the food bowl. Mind you there have been many occasions where mummy has gone off to yoga early and comes back to find me still in bed....

Working out and exercising can be fun, especially when you have Rebecca and I guiding you through! Find a time for exercise that works for you. There has been studies to say when it is best to workout but in my mind the best time to work out is when your body feels the most up for it, which means you are going to give more effort!

If you are going to workout early you ideally don't want to exercise on an empty stomach. At the same time you don't want your breakfast to come back up after a few star jumps! When Rebecca works out in the morning she has some of her breakfast smoothie which is light, packed full of nutrients and gives her energy to get going. After the workout she always has the post recovery shake to restore her muscles, build lean mass and burn off the fat.

For Rebecca, yoga is perfect to do in the morning at 6am. Later on during the day, mostly when her lunch has settled she will go for something that requires more power. This is normally an ab workout or adding weights into the mix. She feels that after a few meals she has the fuel needed for a killer workout!

We have set up a great program that you can follow each month to help you stay on track. Each day has three workouts that are all 10 minutes long. For best results do all three workouts straight after each other with no rest in between. To maximize your results Rebecca always uses a pre workout, during hydration drink and the all important post recovery! All of these can be accessed on her Nutrition Program. You can always add more workouts to do from the Library to increase your results.

Don't worry if you cannot get through all 30 minutes in one go straight away. In time, as you build up your endurance and strength you will soon be adding in extra videos because you are finding it too easy. You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!