Best Abs Ever

This workout has been out enough time for me to get the feedback and you guys are loving it! If you haven't tried this 8-minute workout yet what are you waiting for?! It has some challenging moves involves that can be modified so anyone can join in. Give it a go and don't forget to #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca after you have completed it!

Some of you have also said that you wanted to have the workouts be longer so guess what you can! I know it is tough to understand what workouts to do on what day so that is where the fitness calendar comes in! A whole 30-day program from whatever day you join to keep you on track with your exercise routine. Every day is different and you get a total body workout by the end of the week. Then you get to enjoy a new recipe every Sunday that will help with your nutrition plan!

Try it out for 7 Days for free and after that it is less than a $1 a week! 

I am always looking to improve the video sand the website with your help! Please leave your comments on the blog so I can see your feedback! I read them all :-)