Balancing Fitness and Life (Holiday Edition!)

Alphie has a few words this festive season...

It's the holiday season, and that means that people are traveling, facing the temptation of sweets and treats, and balancing hectic schedules and festive parties. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! What about shopping for gifts, baking delicious treats, and decorating for Christmas? Or in mummy's case, decorating me to look like a Christmas tree! People have been calling me "ELFie" instead of Alphie! 

Needless to say, things are quite crazy these days, which is why I'm helping mummy with this week's blog! Here are some tips that mummy and I use when the holidays cause our schedule to go all wacky. Taking care of ourselves is a top priority so that we can take care of others!

My Tips!

My first tip is to keep a regular sleep schedule. This is simple for me, but I know it's easier said than done for most people! If you don't get enough Z's, you will end up cranky the next day, and it will probably through your eating habits off, too. 30 minutes before bed, it's nice to turn off electronics and cuddle up under the covers, maybe with a book or some relaxing music! No Christmas songs, please! 

Tip number two is to write your goals down, and maybe even some positive affirmations, too. I know that mummy is always repeating her morning mantra, which helps her to start the day off on a positive note. So tell yourself that you're amazing, you're loved, and you are going to have an awesome day! Also, think about making simple yet profound goals for the week. For instance, I am trying to do more exercise and less lazing around! Every step counts (mummy even has this saying tattooed on her!) 

Okay, tip number three! Get a fitness accountability partner and remember that every little bit counts of exercise counts! We had a blog a few months ago about having a fitness accountability partner, and it is so true. Having a friend or family member who is trying to be active and fit and is counting on you to motivate them can be just the push you need. I know I wouldn't be nearly as active if I didn't have mummy! Also, any movement is good, even if you can only squeeze in a 10-minute workout, some yoga stretches or calf raises while you brush your teeth! Using weights in your workout will maximize the burn you get, especially under a time crunch.

The big take-away here is that you deserve to make your well-being a top priority. Whether that means saying "no" sometimes or scheduling things out in advance, you can take a proactive role in how you look and feel. Mummy created the Calendar for people who don't want to think too much about which workouts to do each day, and her nutrition shake is now available on the website's shop! It's a no-brainer solution to getting your nutrients in without having to worry about cooking or meal prep!

We hope you have a great holiday and we can't wait to share all of our adventures with you in 2017! 


Alphie and Rebecca x