Alphie's Tip: How to Stay Fit in the Cold

I for one am not a fan of the cold, the same can be said for my mummy. This was probably one of the reasons that she left for Sunny California and I am so glad that she took me with her! 

It can be difficult to get motivated when its cold outside, So how to Stay fit In the Cold? Trust me, I don't even like have to go to the bathroom when it starts to get chilly. This is why me and mummy play chase in the house or when she likes to use me as a weight... seen in this video below.

So if you are like us and want to stay warm we have the answer! Our calendar of workouts will keep you fit and toned all holiday and you won't even need to leave the house! The workouts in our programs can be done from the inside of your house and only a mat size space is all thats needed. You can get your 30 minutes of exercise in with fun just by listening to Rebecca's motivation!

My other advice is that if you want to get out for a run or pump some iron in the gym so it on your way back home or way out! As soon as you come home and the kettle goes on, you take your shoes off and get warm, the last thing you are going to want to do it get back out in the cold again. Pack your gym clothes in the car and don't come home until you have stepped foot inside your gym or onto the park where you are off for a run.

The more you think about if you should do it or not the more chance you won't. You always feel good after you have exercised so just think about that feeling. Plus with all these holiday treats that are coming up you would of wished you burnt off some extra calories so you can fit more in!

Stay in the warm with Rebecca and I for the monthly new calendar that starts today! It is like an advent calendar for you, each day that you open and do the workout will be closer to the big day. No! not Christmas day... Your new body day! Although I currently have my head buried under my favorite white blanket in my den with the heating blaring doesn't mean to say I won't get chased around the house by mummy who is making sure i get my 20% exercise in each day!