Alphie's Tip: How To Get Your Workout In

It is not always easy to get motivated to workout or find the time to blast your abs with Rebecca's exercises so I am going to teach you a few tricks to make sure you still have the body you want! How To get your workout in! Now my advice might seem a little blunt and too the point which is purely down to Rebecca. She has a no problem attitude, always looking for the solution rather than the problem. She says that unless you are unconscious, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!

We can come with all the excuses in the world as to why we can't do something or how we don't have the time. The way you need to look at it is what is it you do have? People can be so ungrateful and always look towards what they don't have and wishing they had something else. The reality is unfortuatly wishing doesn't get you anywhere. The name of the game is ACTION!

So lets look at how you CAN get your workout in rather than list all these excuses as to why you can't. Take 100% responsibly with zero excuses and you whole life will change around. If you are a busy person and have lots going on and you want to improve your body you will find the time to get just 30 minutes in because its a priority of yours. The time people spend thinking about should I exercise or not could be spent doing the workout and it be over with!

Making something a habit and just what you do each day will keep you on track. This is why the calendar is so great as it keeps you on track with what to do. There is also an email that you get each day with a reminder to do your workout. This is another way to get your workout in. No excuses when you sign up to receive our email newsletter!

Or you can just watch mummy use me as a prop for working out in the video. I am not too amused and you can tell by my face..

I might only be the side kick to Rebecca, but I am the one that knows her the best, we have been together for almost 7 years and not once has she let herself be an excuse for something not happening the way it has happened. She takes full responsibility and will admit if she is wrong, even if it's uncomfortable. She will even tell you if she agrees with your advice and if she's going to take it or not! This is how you want to decide if you want your workout to take place or not. There is no excuse not to get at least 10 minutes in a day and when you believe that to be the case you will get the results you want. And trust coming from a dog, its all true!