7 Uses For Coconut Oil

Everyone is talking about all the awesome uses for coconut oil and there are good reasons why. I remember as a child drinking some and thinking, "what on earth is this flavor and how could this be good for you?" It's now one of my favorite things to drink for hydration along with my sports products. Yes, you can drink it, but today let's look at some of the 7 Uses for Coconut Oil.


Now, I love a good massage and you will often hear me snoring away unless it's a sports massage, in which I'll be groaning away in pain. Coconut oil hydrates your skin and makes it super soft and silky by keeping you well moisturized.


Now this to me sounded a little different because I always associated cleaning my teeth with something minty fresh, but give this a go. They call it 'oil pulling,' a technique that pulls all the toxins out of your teeth. Mix with baking soda and water, rinse around and spit it out. Sparkly whites in no time!


Another great use for coconut oil is to use it as a soothing agent on burns or scares. The moisture in the oil helps to cool down the area, keeping it hydrated and preparing the skin quicker. Might be useful to have some stored in your first aid kit, too.


I love that coconut oil can be used as an eye cream because it has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. I understand if this is a little far to go, but I like to use it on my skin because I have gotten great results with it.


Not too convenient to carry around as a chapstick, although uses for coconut oil seem to be endless, so having some in your purse would benefit you in lots of areas.


Cooking with coconut oil is a much better ingredient to use than most oils. Sometimes we have a healthy meal and then what we cook it in changes it from getting me abs to getting me a pouch. Be smart when cooking and swap in some coconut oil.


It seems there is a trend with hydration here when it comes the uses for coconut oil, and one of the big benefits is using it as a hair mask. Leave on for 3-5 minutes to fully let your hair soak up the moisture, and then properly wash through.
I love all these uses for coconut oil and I always make sure that I have some on hand. My favorite brand is Nutiva, because it tastes amazing and is organic + GMO free. Treat your body well with the best ingredients and exercise daily to keep your heart strong. Send positive affirmations to you and your friends and let's have a great day!