5 Tips For Success

Take yourself to the next level 

People often ask me what my motivation is, how I keep my drive and what inspires me. So here I have laid it all out for you with my 5 Tips To Success. This can be used for all areas of your life: school, working, relationships, friendships, having your own business and other ideas! I am very straight to the point, with no fluff when it comes to this subject because I want to be REAL with you and tell you the TRUTH!

Now this is just the 'world according to Rebecca'. If you like what I do and want the same success take my advice! I was always taught to take advice from people you want to trade places with and not listen to those people who are not who you want to be. Pretty good and easy advice, I say.


So what are the 5 Tips in a nutshell that I use to help me stay on track when facing tough times?


1. Try all methods

Try all methods. What do I mean by this? Well sometimes the first things you try don't always work, so what you want to do is keep trying and find out what does work for you. It might be 10-100 times before you find the method for you, just know it's out there and you will only find it through trial and error. A great example is say you are trying to learn something at school and reading a book on the knowledge just doesn't stick in your brain. Instead of thinking you will not ever be able to learn it, just find a different approach so it does stick. It could mean you and your friend acting out what's in the text out loud. Try out different ways until you find out what works.

2. Learn from your mistakes

It's okay to make lots of mistakes, just learn from them!

3. Having a strong work ethic

Things won't just come to you, actively go out and get what you want. Work on those areas you know that need improving. If you are aware that it takes work, time and consistency to have success, you are more inclined to keep moving forward in the tough times. It's all part of the process!

4. Take advice from people that have what you want 

Like I said before, look to the people who are already where you want to be. What did they do to make it happen? Pay attention, ask questions, and heed their words of wisdom!

5. Don't Quit

This is the most important thing and it might sound so simple. Do not QUIT. NEVER EVER EVER!!

Watch the video to get more details on each of my 5 tips! You might need to watch it a few times to train your brain to this way of thinking. I recommend listening to one of my motivation videos each morning, when you are driving in the car and when you need that extra lift. It takes time to train your brain! Just like learning the moves in an exercise video, we have to do them over and over again. Training your brain also takes time, if not more time. so watch these videos each day as part of a healthy lifestyle for your mind.

Please feel free to comment on the blog and I will answer all your questions!