5 Moves Everyone Needs to Know!

Start your day feeling GREAT!

Recently I was in Chicago where FOX news had me Live on Air to talk about my fitness moves! Here are my 5 moves you should know that help with flexibility, toning and general well being! It was my first time going live on TV and I was super excited! We did the segment outside and it was pretty cold, I think the adrenaline kept me warm. The host of the show kept her leather jacket on because it was that chilly... 

More about my experience with the host and behind the scenes on my Travel Blog coming next week. Will be posting my LIVE segment and sharing my experience in Chicago. Be sure to let me know how I did! 

I find that this is a great workout to do in the morning when you have just woken up or after my 'WAKE UP Challenge' Getting our body and mind ready for the day is going to ensure that it's a day of positivity, gratitude and success. It can take time to get into a habit of making your mornings look like this, as well as getting up early enough to do it. Trust me though, it will be such a benefit to your life with less stress and more enjoyment in the smaller things!

So what are the benefits to these 5 moves?

Increase Mobility 

Improve Flexibility 

Test Balance 

Wake Up Your Joints 

Get a Great Stretch in 

I always love your feedback and of course which videos and workouts you want to see next. Comment below and get your request in now for 2017!