Are You Dating the Right Person

Now this could open up some doors...

Let's talk about love. Yes, love! I know that I don't talk a whole lot about my personal experiences in love, but I do have some stories, so I'm going to bring my advice to you today. We're going to talk about how to know you are dating the right person. Whether you are currently in a relationship, developing a crush on someone, or single and ready to mingle, these tips can help you.

My first love guideline is making sure that you and the other person share similar goals. Sure, they might not have the exact same detailed plan as you, but if they have totally different expectations about life, then that's the first red flag. As with an relationship, communication is key! Talk to your significant other about short and long-term goals and determine whether or not you both are on the same page. Trust me, you want to have someone who will be on the same path as you throughout life!

One of my loves as you all know is this furry monster!

Another tip is dating someone who brings out the best in you and fills your days with love and fun. This is a person that you may be planning to spend the rest of your life want them to be a person that you provides support, encouragement, and unconditional love. Are they supportive of your goals? Do they push you to expand your horizons, reach new heights, and get out of your comfort zone? Or do they tend to hold you back and tell you that your goals don't matter? If the love is there, then they will be rooting for you in all of your endeavors!

Another really important thing to remember is to date someone who accepts you - all of you. We all have those little quirks or things that may seem kind of annoying, but that's what makes us unique! You want to be with someone who loves and accepts you and all of your flaws. In fact, they may even help you improve in many areas of your life! In turn, you should also love and accept this person 100%.

Love is funny. It's difficult, it's complex, but it's also beautiful and worth every single moment. Wherever you are in your relationship, I hope these tips will help you and your mate! I'm sending you love and encouragement!