How to Get Up Early

Wake Up!

Hey everyone! I'm back with some motivation and life tips for you. Now several people have asked me this question, so I wanted to answer it in a video while I was in Nicaragua. It's all about how to get up early. I know this is a huge struggle for a lot of people, and I too dealt with this issue in the past.

So, how did I overcome it? Well, this video will give you my personal tips for getting up out of bed and feeling ready to start a brand new day!

The first piece of advice I'd like to dish out is all about alarms. Many people set alarm clocks on their cell phones, but this can be a trap! How many times have you hit snooze and just gone back to bed? Really, how many?! A better solution would be to use a different alarm clock, preferably one that isn't near your pillow! If you do need to use your phone, be sure to put it on the other side of the room! That will get you up and moving.

Speaking of moving first thing in the morning, I recommend bouncing around so that you wake up your body and let it know that it's time to get going! I love to pump up some jams that get me excited and happy! Music is a great way to encourage movement, as you'll be bopping to the rhythm, and that will warm you up for the day.

When I was younger my mum had to whack me with something cold to get me out of bed. Now I prefer to just hop into the shower for a cool refreshing rinse. Plus, it helps me to start my day off on a fresh note! Stock your bathroom with your favorite body wash and shampoo!

Finally, please remember to eat. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure that you get some good food in your belly right off the bat. I have my go-to breakfast each and every day.

These tips should help you work on developing the good habit of waking up early and following through. Alphie, on the other hand, is another story! Check out the rest of my blogs for workout videos and vlogs to motivate you each and every day!