Behind the Scenes on the Workout Set

It's been so awesome making these vlogs for you all, and I hope that you're enjoying learning a bit more about me and Alphie! We've been best buddies for years now, and you can bet that we are together constantly. As you know, Alphie joins me for my workout videos, but he often finds himself getting too hot or too tired...a dog's life! There are many times when I try to get Alphie excited about the workouts, but he prefers to chill out in the shade or maybe do some downward dogs!

One thing that Alphie never forgets is food! Good thing he is there to remind me that feeling and looking good is 80% nutrition. I'm there to help him with the 20% exercise! Let's just say that we make a great pair. 

You may have seen some of the bloopers that we make on the set of our workout videos. Sometimes Alphie won't budge, or he'll decide to give me kisses in the middle of an exercise! Other times, his doggy friend comes over and the two of them are barking up a storm. I wouldn't trade it for the world though, because having Alphie by my side has helped me get through all of life's twists and turns. And how could you say no to that face?

So now that you've seen a bit of what happens behind the scenes, tell me what you think! Be sure to watch my other vlogs and let me know what else you'd like to see from me and Alphie!