Having a Fitness Accountability Partner

Accountability is important for any goal, and having a fitness accountability partner may help you realise your goals much faster. I always try to motivate my followers and give them words of encouragement through my workouts, blog posts, and motivational videos. Still, it helps to have someone who is close to your physically and emotionally. I have Alphie, but he's not always motivated to exercise!

Having an accountability partner is a win-win situation because it helps you and it helps your fitness partner! Whether you've been exercising for a while or you're brand-new to it, you need to be consistent if you're going to make a positive change. We've all had those days where we just didn't feel like doing anything, and these are the days when an accountability partner can really help us push through! 

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Okay, so how can you and your fitness buddy make this whole accountability thing work out? You need to set up some solid and attainable goals (notice I said attainable!) If you want to work out x number of days a week, decide on that number with your partner and you both will be expecting each other to work out! If one day you don't feel like doing your workout, you'll remember that you have a friend counting on you to do it, and it'll push you to follow through.

Having someone to work out with also makes exercise more fun. That's why I love doing my workout videos; I get to share my exercises with all of you! When you are working out with others, you start to look forward to the laughs, the encouragement, and the company. Fitness buddies can also watch your form to make sure you're doing exercises properly, and they can help boost your confidence. After all, having someone there to acknowledge that you worked out will make you want to keep going.

When choosing your accountability partner, pick someone that you have a positive relationship with and get on well with. It also helps if your fitness buddy is someone who is already interested in exercise and has already committed to regular workouts. That way, you will be more likely to want to keep up with them and they can inspire you to push yourself! Ideally, your fitness buddy will have similar goals to you, which makes working out together easier because you can do similar exercises. You both need to be able to stick to a consistent schedule and you can even use apps to share stats and friendly reminders.

Do you prefer to work out alone or with a partner? Tell me in the comments below!