How to be a Good Friend

As most of you know, Alphie and I have been together for years now. We have been through thick and thin, and we've experienced the highs and lows together. So naturally, we are really good friends; the best of friends! Today's video is all about the importance of friendship and how you can be a good friend to others. There are some key points to take away from this video, so listen closely!

Think about the not-so-great friends you've had in the past. Did they talk behind your back? Tell you that your dreams weren't worth it? Pushed you to do something you didn't want to do? 

Now think of the wonderful friends you've had. I bet they were encouraging, inspiring, and gave you the motivation you needed to wake up and chase after your goals! They probably also made you feel like you were more than enough. That's what good friendship is all about!

I've found great friends with Team Fearless, and we're looking for new people to join us! We make sure to follow the rules of good friendship. We don't judge, we support each other's ideas and encourage them to reach for the stars! Gossip is a no-no! Instead we spend our time giving support and standing behind them 100%! So if you want to join us in pushing others to be their best selves, leave me a message!