How to Deal With Bullies

I was bullied a lot growing up and I know it make me stronger for the future life events. Here are my tips and thoughts when it comes to dealing with bullies. This is just what I did when I came into difficult situations in the past.

I hope someone can find these tips useful and are able to implement them into their life to make it a little better. I was bullied at high school where people would shout out 'anorexic' across the room from me in class. I had no idea why because I was not anorexic at all! it was later on that I suffered with body image.

I was also bullied at my dance school where the girls once filled up my lunch box with orange juice and got all my food wet! I did not enjoy going into class and i still did because I loved to dance.

Later on in life I went to another school to do my A-levels and there I also did not have the best experience. A girl from my dance school who had just left the new school I was about to start told everyone to bully me. so guess what, day one I arrive and everyone hated me! I actually spent some time away from this school and thats when I started to focus on what I was eating, or lack of what I was eating! At lunch time I would just go into the library and work. I did get great grades, no friends from that school though apart from one!

The crazy thing is that one person from  that school ended up reaching out to me on social media as he saw my fitness results and wanted to join my team and become a healthy coach. Now we travel the world together and are great friends building an empire and helping people get healthy!