What You Speak Becomes Your Reality

Alphie and I are here to give you another motivational video! This week's post is about how what you speak becomes your reality. Have you ever noticed how negative people tend to attract negative energy? They complain about how tired or bored or lazy they are, and that becomes what they attract! On the other hand, if you adopt a positive mindset, you will find that positive things are more noticeable to you! I talk all about it in this week's video.

You see, when you send positivity out into the world, you will be meet with more positivity. The same thing happens if you exude negativity, so be careful with your thoughts. What you think becomes what you speak, and what you speak becomes your reality. So...what are you going to choose to think and say?

I hope you're going to choose to give off positive energy and vibes to everyone you meet. I know it's not always easy, and there are definitely days when I just want to stay in bed, put the blankets over my head, and call it a day. Alphie does this, and where has it gotten him? Not very far, I can tell you! 

Instead, I've been choosing to have a positive mindset, and when I choose to be happy, I am! Most of us don't realise that we have the choice to be happy or negative. I am here to tell you to wake up and say something nice about yourself. Really, do it! And try it again when you go to bed. Filling your mind with these thoughts at the beginning and end of your day will start to seem less like a habit of more of a way of life! 

I'm always looking for people who are willing to share this positive mindset with others to help them get healthy. If that sounds like you, click the link below to learn more about becoming  a coach! I'll personally mentor you!