5 Ways to Wear your High Tops

I am 5"2.5.. and yes that half an inch is very much important! Although I do always feel like I am much taller... Anyone else like this?! That is why 99.9% of the time you will see me wearing my Nike trainers or what they are known by as... 'Dunks'. My ultimate favorite for any outfit because they are so comfortable and give me an extra 3"! Check out my top ways to wear them with style!

1. High Waisted Shorts and a classic vest shirt. Both items from H&M spring collection. Show off your legs with a pair of high waisted shorts. The trick is to have them slightly baggy around your legs to keep it classy. If your shorts are rubbing on your legs it means they are defiantly too tight and this is often very unflattering on your figure, no matter what size you are. The same goes for the shirt, keep it lose fitting. Everything will be pulled in at the waist, giving you a perfect cut!

2. Gym Workout. So many of us spend our time in workout clothes, I swear my washing is 80% gym stuff! I love to give my Victoria Secret Sport gym outfit some extra sass with my wedged Nike dunks. Makes me feel fierce! 

3. Swimwear. So looking 'cool' at the pool is not one of my strong points. It seems like a lot of effort to tie up your high heeled wedges every time you want to get in and out of the pool! For an alternative to high maintenance high heels try out the sporty version! Alphie likes it too!

4. Classic White Dress. Go all out in white with this adorable dress from H&M and the white Nike dunks to match! I almost feel like a tennis player here, especially with the court like background. I was a ball girl at school for the women's pre warm up games before they went to Wimbledon. Great fun watching tennis if you ever get the chance! Watch by Daniel Wellington.

5. The Playsuit. For a more casual, sporty look pair your playsuit with a pair of sneakers or like I always do, the ones that give me the extra 3"! Get a loser fitting playsuit that isn't attached directly to your skin.... This will give you a more elegant look as well as hiding any bumps and lumps that are in a working process! Playsuit from Hello Molly Fashion.

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