The Red Lips Coachella Vibe!

With one of the biggest music festivals happening right now in Southern California it's time we all felt some of the vibes! If you made it to Coachella or not I have got a tutorial for you that will help you get the perfect look for bright red lips!

Make up for me is about being creative and enjoying the process. I could easily spend hours decorating my face and trying out new styles. There is a lot more chance you will find me in the mirror with my palette of colors than in the kitchen cooking. I prefer the eating of the food a lot more than the cooking experience!

When I used to do dance competitions as a child we had to wear lots of make up on stage. I learned pretty quickly how to do my own make up because my mum was useless! All the other girls had proper stage mum's that would do all their hair fancy and amazing make up. I could just about get one eyelash stuck on and the red lipstick to stay in the lines! That's ok though as it taught me to keep practicing and working on making it look like the other girls.

Everything in life is just practice and resilience. No need to give up because it didn't work out the first few times or maybe even the first 100 times. Just keep going, you can only improve!

Please let me know what you think of this tutorial and what you would like to see more of commenting on the blog!