5 Reasons To Use Weights

Who has thought before that when they wake up in the morning they are going to look like the incredible hulk because they did a weight workout the day before? It's ok, you can be honest! I thought this too about using weights which is why I never really picked up anything heavier than 10 lbs before I was 20. I have soon realized that putting on lean muscle is actual very challenging and it takes lots of food and lifting heavy!

I like to use weights when I workout because it adds resistance to my muscles which makes them work harder and in the end that gives me a better result. I don't use weights for everything but if there is a muscle iI want to grow like my butt I am going to whack on a weight to get pumped up!

  1. Increase muscle size. Developing lean muscle mass comes from eating more of the good foods as well as adding weights to your exercises. As I said above you won't get huge overnight! You want to choose a weight where the last few reps are super challenging. If you can lift the last rep with ease you want to make the weight heavier on the next round.
  2. Definition. I hear lots of people asking they want to see the muscles and weights will help give you definition because you are increasing the muscle. At the same time you need to burn off the fat to let that muscle show through!
  3. Take your results to the next level. Sometimes when we are working out we hit a plateau and anything that we do just doesnt work. This is the time ti either add wights into your workout or if you are already using them make them heavier. You will soon see a difference in your muscle mass size by increasing the dumbbells and why not try adding in 2 more reps on each exercise to increase the time under tension.
  4. Improve Strength. As we get older our muscle mass tends to drop so its important that we keep on improving our strength when we can. having more muscle mass is actually what makes your bones strong because your body has more weight to carry with muscle it intrinsicly knows to build your bones. Pretty amazing! Using weights will help increase your muscle mass and make you stronger, with improved strength comes improved bone density and your frame is well supported.
  5. Variety. I am all about mixing things up and keeping it interesting! Not everyone works out for fun so making it enjoyable is part of what will motivate you to staying fit as well as working towards your goals. Changing up your exercises and the type of activity you do helps your body have strength, flexibility and endurance. Using weights is a great way to mix up the exercises you already know just with a spin on them!

If you are wondering what some great workouts are with weight, I have already got them for you! You can even add in weights to any of the RL Healthy workouts if you are wanting to build more lean muscle of you just want to challenge yourself!

Check out these two workout that use weights to working out your arms and legs! Let me know by commenting on the blog what workouts you want to see next! We also have a great 30-day program which will help you know exactly what workouts to do when!