Ask Rebecca!

Ok it's time to Answer your Questions!

You asked and we answered! Alphie and I are here to answer your burning questions and help you learn a little more about us! We have been bringing you videos for a while now, so what better way to improve the experience than by sitting down with some of the things you're dying to ask us?

I have not made a video like this before just because i am so used to making workout videos and that is what I am comfortable with. Life is all about trying new things and of course I wanted to talk more with you guys! I actually really loved reading your questions and making this video so maybe more like this to come!

You all asked some really great questions, and I wish that I could answer all of them! This video includes just a sampling of what you guys threw at me and Alphie! It was so great hearing from you all specifically because you all are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. I want to bring you new workouts and inspiration! Alphie wants to as well, he's just more of a sleepyhead. He still won't take my advice about stretches and morning affirmations...

Thanks again for your contributions! I long to meet all of you on my travels, and for now I hope that my blogs and videos bring a piece of myself and Alphie into your home! See you next time, and keep the questions coming by commenting on this post!

You never know Alphie might just do his very own video... make sure you comment on his Instagram @SirAlphie with what you want to find out from him!