Workout: Lift and Tone Your Butt

There is no reason why you can't lift and tone your butt with this workout! The more you feel the burn during this workout, the more you will lift and tone your butt. In this very easy-to-follow video I will have you go through 10 minutes of exercise all designed to tone and lift your butt. I will guide you through but it's up to you to give to 100% to get the best result and fast. Focus on engaging that glute muscle- hold it tight to get the most out of every second. The exercises are designed to be done one after the other, so try your best not to have a rest.

If you want to push yourself, go through it all again. The first minute or two, you might not feel the full burn and this is because you are warming up the muscles. As time goes on you will feel like it gets more challenging to keep going and this is when you must continue! When you feel that burn is when it's working, so don't stop! You want to keep pushing on through, squeezing a few more reps because this is when the changes start to happen and your butt will lift and get toned with the Workout: Lift and Tone Your Butt

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Feeding your body nutrients that repair the muscles that you have just torn is very important for muscle growth. Without the right ingredients, your butt can't grow because it needs to be fed and not starved! Check out the nutrition plan that will grow and lift your butt 10x faster just by adding one thing after you have worked out! Smile through this workout, you will enjoy it much more and remember to always #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca after every workout to check in with me and hold yourself accountable that you have done it!