How To Burn Body Fat By Eating More

I know most of you are reading this thinking that it’s a foreign concept believing that to burn body Fat you need to eat more and it is so true.

Most people go through their day lacking in energy and gaining body fat simply because they don’t have the correct nutrition in their bodies or they are starving themselves. I was the typical girl who believed that eating less was going to make me look lean and toned.


It wasn't until I learned about proper nutrition that my theories began to change and it was clear to me why I looked, 'skinny fat look' rather than fit. I was also incredibly tired all the time and suffered with bad skin. I never knew that the right foods could help you loss body fat and help with your bodies vitality. That by getting your daily nutrients in your energy levels would increase and your complexion can be improved. I was working out 4-5 times and it wants until I added my Nutrition Plan that I saw results.


The biggest thing to drop body fat is eat more regularly throughout the day, making sure that each meal and snack has got some protein in. For me learning about the  Nutrition Program I am on now, really has changed my life because its given me so much energy that I was lacking before. Sure, I was slim before but it was how I was feeling inside that I wanted to change.


My skin would often break out and become red because I was so dehydrated and lacking in minerals. I was not eating enough or using any Sports Nutrition which had a major effect on my performance and ability while working out. I am a different person now because of the things I am putting in my body. Good nutrition will change your mood and its crazy to know that when you change your diet, positive changes are made in your brain.


The best part about not having to count the calories and knowing we need to eat to be toned is that food cannot control us! I love helping people get started on my nutrition program because everyone has a positive experience. To watch someone change, find happiness and confidence is a wonderful reason to wake up everyday and keep doing what I am doing! If you have ever wanted the same feeling we are on the look to for people that want to join my team. More info at the bottom  .

Thats an amazing gift when you can welcome someone onto a community, give them a purpose and they feel incredible in tenor bodies and that’s what we do with the Healthy nutrition plan. It is so much more than just the desire to drop body fat and lose weight.


I would wake up in the morning have a bowl of cereal, around noon have some soup, heavy food at dinner and very little water. I may have a few snacks here and there but it was noting that was healthy. I couldn’t understand why I was working out so much, yet I didn’t have results nor was I dropping body fat.


The last thing I though was that to burn body fat I was to eat more. Now the KEY to this sentence is eating more of the RIGHT nutrition. Eating more junk food and drinking fizzy soda is not going to get you to drop body fay, we must look at the right ingredients that will fuel our bodies and give us all the nutrients the human body needs. Those of you who are on the nutrition plan with myself know the importance of good nutrition and how it effects our mind, body and soul.


We eat very regularly on the plan and feed ourselves on a cellular level. What this means is that the meals and supplements we provide, you are able to feed all your trillions of cells the top nutrients in the world, that are backed by science and most importantly deliver results!  Not only will the program make you feel full of vitality and give you a new lease of life it will drop your body fat and increase your muscle mass.


Everyone on the plan also knows their unique protein number that they need to reach each day in order to get enough to feed the muscle. This is not a high protein diet, it’s just making sure each of us are getting enough protein to feed the lean muscle mass we have.

Whether you want to burn body fat, lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase energy or simply have a desire to live a long and healthy life by getting the best nutrition now get started and we can help change your life. I hope to see you in our ever-growing online community!