Alphie's Tip: What Foods To Avoid

When I am away from Rebecca there are not too many foods that I avoid... So for the purpose of teaching you the right information to get toned. I am going to share with you what Rebecca does to stay in shape all year round and the foods she tends to avoid.

This is not to say she never has these foods because we all know her favorite is mint chocolate M&M's! My mummy doesn't buy the foods that make you feel sluggish and tired so they are never in the house. She will only have sweets when she goes to the cinema and will occasionally has pizza when she is in the UK if it's a Dominos. For the most part Rebecca eats healthy. She is always super busy so having foods that are not packed full of vitamins doesn't give her the energy she needs to get all of her things done!

I pretty much try anything once and eat most things... My mummy only lets me eat the good food. The only exception  is when I grab something off the floor outside when mummy isn't looking. This is never a good idea though as I always end up with a tummy ache. When will I learn my lesson?!

So here it is... the foods that you should stay away from to be healthy and to stay lean!

  1. Processed Junk Food. So many fast food places might be quick and easy, but it will catch up on you! Stay away from food that is high in sugar and salt like the majority of fast food places are. You will often feel tired after and it's because you are not feeding your body healthy nutrition.
  2. High Sugar. Too much sugar from junk food and sweets will add on the pounds. Sugar turns into fat which also effects your fat around your organs. Having excess fat around your organs causes problems later on in life such as heart disease.
  3. White Foods in excess. To much starchy foods like white bread, pasta and rice without protein and vegetables will make you feel bloated. If you want to lose weight, I suggest cutting out the white foods and replacing them with smaller portions of a whole wheat version.
  4. High Sugar Energy Drinks. My mummy used to drink so many energy drinks when she was playing sport and revising and not one that was good for you. Luckily she found energy through good nutrition and is now feeding her body with the good stuff that not only gives her energy, but it burns fat and hydrates you! Find out more on our Nutrition Page.

It is not to say that you can never have the foods above, just know that when you do you are feeding your body negative ingredients. It is kind of like putting water into a rolls royce, the car is not going to start! Why would you jeopardize your health by putting junk food into your body? Invest in your health rather than a new pair of shoes and you will be healthy forever, not just happy for an hour!

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