Alphie's Tip: 5 Foods Not To Eat

Alphie is ready with his many nutrition and fitness tips ready to share with you! Today on his blog he has got the Top 5 Foods to stay away from to keep you lean and fit!

I have some great tips on foods that Mummy and I do not eat when we are trying to get in tip top shape. This is not to say we never at them... When we are serious about dropping body fat and gaining muscle we step up our game.


We avoid eating these 5 things:

  1. White Bread. Nothing my mummy likes more than dipping white bread into balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The issue is there is no nutrition in white bread, it makes you look and feel bloated and unwanted pounds!
  2. Sweets. We get asked lots about if you can eat sweets and the honest answer is candy and chocolate will not help you lose body fat. Of course you can eat it once in a while, it just depends how serious you are on getting into shape!
  3. Fried Food. Anything that has been fried is giving you the extra unwanted calories. We need calories to gain lean muscle and feed our bodies. We want the healthy calories and taking food and then frying it will not help you to be lean and fit.
  4. Cheese. Wow we LOVE cheese and I think the reason we have put cheese on here is that when we start eating it we can't stop! So that is why we cut it out all together! there are some low fat cottage cheese that is good and a few brands of mozzarella. Unfortunately most cheeses are full of fat and will add to the muffin top!
  5. Chrisps. Or in the US called chips! These are hard to put down too and are certainly not good if you are looking to lean out. Like white bread they have no nutrition in them that will help with your body.

This is just what Rebecca does and it works for her. I on the other hand have much less will power and will 9 times out of 10 eat something off the floor. Each wee I  share my knowledge with you to help you life a healthy life with tons of confidence and energy! Make sure you comment on the blog and let me know what questions you have so I can get to work for you! 

If you are looking for more advice on diet join our Nutrition program. Rebecca works with everyone individually so will get amazing results!