My Top Picks Of Places To Visit

One of my goals this year is to visit a new country. I love to travel and experience new cultures, have adventure and learn about the world. Take a look at some of my top picks that I haven’t visited yet! Where should my new place be?!

1. Singapore. There has always been this one hotel that kept popping up on my social media and at first I dint think it was real! Then I searched for it and was glad to discover it was a real place! The Marina Sands Hotel, Singapore has an infinity pool on the top floor. ‘Imagine yourself floating in the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool, gazing down on the glittering city-skyline from 57 levels above. You won’t find a more spectacular photo-taking spot anywhere in Singapore!After your swim, stretch out to sunbathe on a luxurious poolside lounger, or relax in the shade of a palm tree. Sip on Champagne as you experience the unforgettable beauty of a sunset amidst the clouds’

2. Bali. I love seeing color when I am on my travels and the tropical scenery of Bali really captures my attention. I look at Bali as a great place to take pictures and be creative. Adventure and discovery is something I seek for a holiday, Bali has got both! ‘Bali is magical. As probably the most famous island in Indonesia, Bali blends spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful beaches with warm and friendly people, a vibrant culture and out of this world resorts. Travel & Leisure Magazine has awarded Bali the World’s Best Island in 2009, while the Lonely Planet’s Best of Travel 2010 ranked Bali second place among the world’s Top Regions.’Bali-Viceroy-hotel

3. Venice. I have been to Florence before on a school trip and loved it which is why I want to see more of Italy! I vision going around the City at sunset on a gondolier, sipping champagne, wrapped up in cuddles….grand-canal-venice-italy

4. New Zealand. I have family here and I have been wanting to visit for a while. My hope is that they all come over to California at Christmas this year so I can put a huge festive party on. This might be on the cards for 2017. The country is beautiful and has some incredible country side that is a must

5. Bora Bora. I saw the Four Seasons, Bora Bora on a TV show about 4 years ago and the image has never left me. The idea of being in the ocean in a beautiful hut, with the water just beneath you has got to be one of the most amazing things to wake up to. I see myself getting fresh fruit to the room in the morning and then jumping straight into the clear blue water with all the fishes! I can see myself now… I am smiling and splashing around. The sun is beaming down and I am with the most amazing person in the world! Life looks great! Can you visualize this… close your eyes and do it now! Dream big!

Which one is your favorite and where do you think I should visit this year? Maybe you have somewhere else in mind? Let me know by commenting on this blog!