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Make a living by getting in the best shape of your life!

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Throughout my time as a fitness and health coach I have found that there are lots of people who want to do what I do and are not sure how to get started. This is why I have created TEAM FEARLESS! A training structure and program that allows people to achieve their goals within all areas of their life. 

This opportunity is open to anyone who has a great attitude, is teachable and wants to make a difference for themselves and others. We are a strong group of women who will ENCOURAGE you, HAVE YOUR BACK and are there to SUPPORT you in all of life's events.

Team Fearless is looking for individuals all over the world that have a passion for health, fitness and helping other people. If this opportunity interests you and you meet the above we would LOVE to hear from you. 


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with your next steps to join my call. To be fast tracked simply join anyone of our nutrition plans, mention that you would like to be a coach and you will be put through to Rebecca after we have worked with you for 1-2 weeks..

Learn more on my Sunday Calls @9am PST. Live Online Nutrition & Fitness Tips that are not available to the public. Here you will also learn more information about the coaching opportunity and if it is right for you. You will receive the information for the calls in the reply email once you submit your application using the form below!


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Do I need qualifications?

No. You do not need any qualifications to get started with us. We are here to teach you everything you need to be successful. All we ask is that you are teachable, have a positive attitude and are responsible.

what will i be doing?

You will helping other people with their health and body goals, starting with your warm market of friends and family. This is a very rewarding job that gives you a great deal of passion and life satisfaction.


The great thing about our company is that you get to decide what you make. We have an incredible coaches payment plan which means that as you move up to a higher level coach you get paid more. You can move as fast or slow to these positions. You have no boss telling you how much you earn or if the position is available...you choose!


You will be based where you live right now with the opportunity to travel as much or as little as you want. The new location will have all events live streamed including workouts, community events and business building seminars.


We provide all the training you need to be a top coach. You will have one-on-one training from myself. I will plug you into our incredible training structure where we have weekly calls, live events in all the countries and vacation trainings in California.


To get registered as a coach it is just a one-time payment of less than $100 (countries vary). This gets you licensed to be a health coach in all 94 countries we work out of, access to all the training and ultimately opens you up to an incredible lifestyle.