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Can't afford the 30 Day Get Fit Plan or our Nutrition Programs?

Now everyone can with our very own Affilate program!

Because you are all so awesome I felt you needed to be rewarded for everything you do in our community. So guess what!? We have added our own affiliate program just for you!

Now you can get everything that is available on the website for FREE just by joining the affiliate program and sharing 30 Day Get Fit!

Sign up for our affiliate program and you will get your own unique link to share with your friends about joining the 30 Day Get Fit plan. Every time someone joins with your link you will get $2 to spend in our store!

You don't even have to be a member to get your own link! So if you can't afford the calendar or our nutrition plans, now you can by sharing the link and having people sign up! I wanted to create an place where everyone is included.

I am soooo excited about this! Hope you are as fired up as me! Love you all #ralphies

What to do Next?

1. Copy your unique 'REFERAL URL'. You do not need to customize one, we have already done this for you. Make sure you are registered!

2. Post the link on your Social Media, Text it to friends, Email to your contact list 

3. Continue to post each week to increase people seeing your post, have fun with it! 

4. Watch your earnings roll in!

5. Spend your earnings on anything on Rebecca-Louise.com 

More Q&A below

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Q&A - Affilate Program 

Q: How do I collect my earnings?

A: Your money will be automatically added to your account once the payment is cleared!

Q: What can I spend my earnings on?

A: You can spend it on anything in the website. This includes 30 Day Get Fit, Nutrition Guides, Nutrition Plans, workout videos, and even the retreat!

Q: How much will I earn?

A: You will get $2 for every person who signs up from your link and completes the trial!