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Adventures in Thailand


Namaste! What a wonderful trip I had in Koh Samui, Thailand to prepare for my retreat in 2018. It was a long flight, but definitely worth it, because once I stepped out of the plane, I could feel the energy emanating from this place! I was greeted with some rainy weather, but that didn't take away the refreshing vibes of Koh Samui. With the ocean air, the crystal-clear waters, and the vibrant greenery, it's hard to be disappointed by an arrival on this incredible island.

I know it's usually Cory and I on these trips, but this time I had my assistant, Kaitlin with me. You'll see the adventures, chit-chat, and laughter that we shared during our stay at Vikasa! This trip was also different from my previous ones because it was less about my workout videos and more about introducing you to this amazing place where I am holding a retreat next year!

We got a grand tour of Vikasa's facilities, and we made it to a yoga class just about everyday. We also documented our trip so we could show you what really happened in our vlogs! I must say that Kaitlin did a great job as my stand-in photographer, so Cory may be out of a job soon! Kaitlin and I proved ourselves with the camera and film equipment, and we discovered a handy little contraption that made our photos even better. Can you guess what it was?

While at Vikasa, we wanted to explore and learn more about everything that they had to offer. That includes their mindful way of life and their focus on wellness. We got to interview one of the heads of the kitchen to talk more about the connection that food has to our well-being, and we sampled so many great dishes from their menu! Yum! 

It may have been a picture of paradise, but we weren't without our challenges! We got to film one new workout for you all, but then the clouds quickly rolled in and we were stuck in the middle of a downpour! My yoga mat was way to slippery and wet to do a workout on, so we had to wait the storm out! Another challenge was trying to find the perfect time to catch the sunrise coming over the pool so we could do a great photo shoot. 

With all of that, we managed to be quite productive! The new workouts were filmed and they're ready to go! We also got amazing photos, which I'm sure you'll see on my social media. And even without Cory, we were still kicking butt with our adventures and explorations on Koh Samui. We climbed rocks to get a private view of the beach and sea, and I faced life or death to get the perfect shot! On the second vlog you'll also see what I do sometimes to get the perfect content for all of you!  

Really though, this was a trip that was centered around you all, because I'm hosting a retreat here next year! We'll spend a week in this beautiful location, and I'll teach you more about fitness and nutrition, as well as motivate you to be your best version and gain the insight and empowerment to follow your goals and dreams! We'll be together the whole week; I want to be right in the middle of everything so that I'm available to you and we have opportunities to chat about what's important to you and why you're on the trip! 

I can't wait to meet some of you in person and have the chance to sit down and tell you more about how to improve your well-being, feel more inspired to take action on your goals, and stay in a place that is full of positive and renewing energy. This retreat is going to be filled with amazing food that's healthy and fresh, beautiful sea views and time in the ocean, excursions to experience a new culture, tips on self-development in various areas of life, yoga classes, and workouts with me!

What did you think of our drone footage? Pretty sweet, right? It just goes to show you that sometimes you're faced with difficulties in life, but if you really want something, you'll face those challenges and go for it! I can't wait to share more motivation, personal development, fitness, and nutrition tips with you on my retreat next year!