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I could see just how much you liked last weeks Intermediate Yoga workout and luckily for you we have one that will take you to the next level of Yoga. Advanced Yoga shot in the Dominican Republic is yours to give a go! Make sure you are fully warm before you do this workout. You can start out with another one of my yoga videos for beginners or another of my warm up videos!

If you are wanting to improve your flexibility, it will happen, it's just going to take time and consistency with your practice. Do not worry AT ALL if you cannot do some of these moves all the way, they are just there to challenge you and give you something to aim for. I am still working on poses that are challenging for me. Always look back at how far you have come rather than wishing where you want to be. Keep that goal in mind, focus on it and just move closer to it with each practice.

I'm really excited to be bringing you the full recap of my trip to the Dominican Republic next week! Check out my other travel stories on my travel blog,

I love making videos for you! Alphie and I are open to your suggestions and comments, so if you have an idea for a video, please comment below. I am getting the list ready for the 2017 trips!

Be sure to try your hardest during this workout, and you will see the results! Improved flexibility, stronger muscles, and of course, a more positive mindset! That's what I'm here for, so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch! And remember that my SHOP is open now!