My mission is to help you feel your best every single day by bringing you the very latest in workout videos as well giving you the motivation to do it. Like most people, it has taken me a while to be comfortable in my own skin. At the age of 17, I suffered with anorexia and a terrible complexion. Discovering the proper balance of exercise and great nutrition set me on track to take control of my health, wellness and life! After building knowledge about the importance of proper cellular nutrition and practicing as a certified personal trainer, I am excited to share my knowledge in helping others reach their goals.

I was born in a small town in England and I came to California in 2011 to get my commerical pilots licence (which I did!). Since I was very young, I have participated in sports, and I still play Field Hockey for an adult league in Southern California. In school I was the sports captain at my high school and participated in the netball, soccer and track teams. Even after earning my pilot’s license, I discovered my true passion was truly in fitness and helping others to improve their lives through living a healthy, active lifestyle.

From my knowledge in sport and fitness I have embraced the concept that optimal wellness is based on 20% fitness and 80% proper nutrition. With this in mind, I sought out a nutrition program that would provide me the proper balance of protein, nutrients and calories to achieve my wellness goals in a healthy way. This nutrition program and active lifestyle has enabled me and the people around me to feel incredible every day and experience the best health of our lives.

Mindset and the power of the positive thinking is a big part of who I am and I aim to inspire people to believe more in themselves and to get them to understand that anything is possible when you chose to believe it.

I continue to practice my healthy, active lifestyle as I work as a fitness professional, wellness coach and trainer for highly popular online fitness programs such as XHIT, XF Extreme Fitness and GymRa.

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