Rebecca-Louise 2017 Full Body Workout!

Start your New Year with a workout that will take your results to the next level in 2017!

This workout has all your favorite moves and will combat your body is so many ways that over the 55 minutes you will have a total body burn, calorie attack, increased flexibility, improved endurance and tested strength.

There really is everything in this workout and I have a feeling its going to be your new favorite!

I had so much fun making the workout videos you wanted in 2016. You had great ideas, awesome comments and brilliant feedback. I know this combination is the best exercise routine to date!

It downloads straight to your computer, iPad and phone so you don't need an internet connection to watch it. You can take it everywhere you go!

What you can expect in the 55 minute workout:

- Warm Up
- Full body Burn
- Cardio Attacks
- Calorie Burn
- Uper Body Strength
- Increased Glutes
- Tighter Tummy
- Leaner Legs
- Flat Abs
- Slim Arms
- Yoga Poses
- Increased Flexibility
- Cool Down

And you might even see a few appearances from Alphie!
Enjoy and Happy New Year