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Today I want you to join me on the beaches of Isabela Island as we grind through a 15-minute back workout! Imagine that you're getting through these exercises with me and I'm right there cheering you on! I love bringing you motivation and fitness videos from around the world, and I hope you enjoyed my blog on the Galapagos! Before you get reading, let's blast through this workout!

Developing strong back muscles will help you with your posture, and that will make you feel more confident. There is also some arm work in this video, and feel free to add in some weights if you'd like. You'll feel the burn without weights too! I know 15 minutes may sound like a long time, but I want you to just focus on the movements, listen to the music, the ocean, and my voice. Tell yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS!

I am not going to let you quit. Even if you have fallen off the wagon or had a slip in your health and fitness goals, that doesn't mean that you're out of the game! Join me and Alphie, because we've got vlogs, blogs, and workouts to keep you motivated each and every week.