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Not sure what workout to do when ? Leave the thinking up to me and follow the calendar to stay on track!

Your 1st 7 days are free, sign up below to get started.  For less than $1 per week you will receive a daily 30-minute workout (minimal equipment needed) as well as nutrition tips, simple nutrition plans and a weekly recipe.

30 minute workout Monday-Saturday
New workout combination everyday
All body parts covered
Various disciplines of exercise
New recipe every week
Access to the LIVE streamed workouts
Designed by me with with YOU in mind!

Join any day of the week and you will still get 30 days from the day you joined and a new calendar every month!

'You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!'

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Check out some of the transformations using my fitness calendar and nutrition plan!


Q - How can I pay for my subscription?

A- You can pay with any major Credit/Debit Card OR you can use PayPal!!

Q- When will I be billed?

A- Alphie will bill you $3.99 7 days after you sign up and every 30 days after that

Q- Can I cancel my subscription?

A- Yes you can cancel anytime, but Alphie will be sad... Just cancel through your bank or Paypal

Q- How do I access the workout calendar?

A- Alphie will send you a new unique password via email for the new months calendar on the 1st of each month.  Once you click on a daily workout you will be required to enter your unique password to view it so don't lose it.  Alphie has them all written down on post-its....