Ripped Abs With Weights

Core Power at the Grand Wailea!

I've brought you to the Grand Wailea for a workout that will boost your core power and get those abs popping! I'm always psyched to do new ab workouts because there are so many ways to spice up your exercise routine. Doing the same moves again and again is not only boring, but it makes your muscles get complacent, and then you don't get the results you want!

I'm using weights in this workout because I really want to strengthen my core and push my abs to the max. You don't have to use weights, but if you are looking to really get defined abdominal muscles, then you want to add some resistance into your workouts. 

Are you serious about getting results and changing your body? I'll tell you that exercise is only 20% of the puzzle. The remaining 80% comes down to nutrition, which means that what you put in your body is either going to make or break your goals! I can't stress enough that this is a journey, not a quick-fix. When I coach my fans, I set them up for a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition, not just some fad that will help them lose weight only to gain it back again.

That being said, you still want to give this workout everything you've got. What's the point of getting into your workout gear, putting on the video, and going through the motions if you're not really trying? Come on, we've got 15 minutes and I want this to be the best 15 minutes of your entire day! I like to include pulses into my ab workouts because it just helps that burn to really work and adds something extra to my reps.

Remember that being fit and active is not all about looking a certain way. It's about making your body stronger and feeling more confident in your own skin. We all have something to offer to each other, and the world needs your gift! Let's lift each other up and be sources of encouragement and inspiration! If there's anything you ever need, feel free to leave a comment here or on my social media. I always look forward to your messages!