How to Lose Love Handles


One of my most requested videos is how to lose love handles. Today is your lucky day, because that's what we're going to do today! Just feel the sunshine and listen to the ocean waves, because I am bringing this workout to you from beautiful Thailand! 

Twist by twist, move by move, we'll work our way through 15 minutes of ab exercises to whittle down that waist and tone up the obliques. I've also got side planks and plenty of challenging moves that will have you feeling that tingle in your tummy! I want you to push yourself and even if you feel like giving up, just take a 10 second rest while the video plays and then get right back into it. You can do this, and guess what? Each time you do the workout, it gets easier and easier because you're getting stronger and stronger! 

I always say that 80% of those results that you want are going to depend on nutrition. You can't expect to get all of the results that you want if you're only contributing to half of the equation. You need fitness and nutrition; the exercises help you fire up those muscles, and the nutrition repairs your body and feeds it with the right ingredients. You need to keep pushing through because results don't happen overnight!

Don't worry, because I'm always here listening to you and what you need! I'm not going to let you slip through the cracks and give up! You'll hear my voice in each and every workout, encouraging you to keep going! Use your positive affirmations to carry you through the entire time! You're doing a great job, and wherever you are in your journey, you're beautiful!

It's all about feeling good and strong and healthy. That looks different on everyone! I hope that you enjoyed this workout and keep those comments and suggestions coming! Follow along on Instagram to get updates from me and Alphie everyday!