Washboard Abs

Prepare to have your abs feel like you have been laughing for days after today's workout Wash Board abs! 10-minutes that will set your abs on fire! Don't forget to #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca on Instagram @RebeccaLouiseFitness

I always say that abs are made in the kitchen and it's totally true! The exercise videos are certainly going to help you get those ab muscles but you also need to be careful as to what you eat. The food that you put into your tummy will determine the results you get. Eating foods that are high in sugar such as sweets and chocolate turn into fat. This is going to cover those abs muscles that are under that extra muffin top!

I like to have a post recovery shake after I workout to fuel my body full of all the right ingredients. You have been taxing and tearing down your muscles as you exercise and they need looking after! Repairing your muscles with ingredients the muscles need are going to be key to getting tight and toned!

Just three 10 minute workout videos each day will to get your metabolism going keep you in shape along with a balanced diet. On the fitness calendar today we have two more ab videos that will compliment todays new workout perfectly. Check out my workout calendar that will guide you through the workouts to do each day. Get started now to finish off your Monday workout!